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 Written/Directed by Julio Torres | Stars Tilda Swinton
7 PM Wednesday, May 01

Emmy nominee Julio Torres (SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE) writes, directs, and stars in PROBLEMISTA. Torres stars as Alejandro, an aspiring toy designer from El Salvador who dreams of bringing his ideas to New York City- but as his work visa is running out, a job assisting an erratic art-world outcast (Tilda Swinton - SUSPIRIA) might be his only hope to stay in the country. Rated R. 1h 38m. CC/VN


Deadline Hollywood Daily raves, “Julio Torrest takes a simple story about immigration and human connection, and turned it into a comedic, surrealist fantasy that serves as an epic critique of capitalism.”  


Cast: Tilda Swinton, Isabella Rossellini, RZA, Catalina Saavedra, Greta Lee, James Scully, Julio Torre

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