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Knox Goes Away
Directed by and Starring Michael Keaton
7:30 PM Friday,  June 07

After 15 years, the multi-faceted (and Montana neighbor) Michael Keaton returns for his second directorial turn (The Merry Gentleman, 2009) with Knox Goes Away. As hitman John Knox, Keaton attempts to make amends before his recently discovered dementia takes over. Aided by a trusted friend (Al Pacino) with his own shady past, Knox races against the police — and his own rapidly deteriorating mind — to save his estranged son (James Marsden) from a vengeance-fueled mistake and “cash out” before it’s too late. Keaton is supported by an A-List cast including James Marsden, Al Pacino, Marcia Gay Harden, and Ray McKinnon. Screenplay by Gregory Poirer. Rated R. 1h 54m.

Garnering positive reviews, Chicago Sun-Times critic, Richard Roeper, writes, "The supporting work is stellar, but this is Michael Keaton’s film to carry every step of the way, and he turns in a typically fine and layered performance as a man who might find relief in the loss of his memories, given all the dark acts he’s committed", while Variety's Owen Glieberman states that Knox Goes Away is "...a noir that holds you exactly the way a noir should, it may be one of the best dramas about dementia I’ve ever seen.

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