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Full Circle
A Story of Post-Traumatice Growth


In Collaboration with Eagle Mount

Winner of the Grand Prize Award at Banff Film Festival, FULL CIRCLE follows Trevor Kennison on a path towards post-traumatic growth with Barry Corbett, 50 years after Corbett's own injury. Kennison, who injured his spine attempting a 40-foot ski jump in 2014, mirrors their stories, connected through time and space by common locations and motifs; injuries in the Colorado backcountry, rehab at Craig Hospital, fame in Jackson Hole; but also through their shared resiliency and refusal to let their zeal for life be limited by their injuries. 

Barry Corbet, who died in 2004, shows that growth after spinal cord injury is possible for everyone, not just adaptive athletes - his legacy paving the way for Trevor’s superhuman feats. Six years after his accident, Trevor returns to the site of his accident in the Colorado backcountry with the goal of landing the world’s first double backflip on a sit-ski - the culmination of his own personal growth and reinvention.

"FULL CIRCLE is a storytelling feat – a must-see movie that will push your understanding of what it means to be an athlete." Sofia Jaramillo, National Geographic

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